Advisory Services

Design is the starting point to any modification. Understanding the needs and requirements of our clients is paramount for design and functionality of their home or workplace.  This is why at bphealth, we don’t only engage architects and designers, but healthcare professionals that provide insights into the physical and mental needs of our clients. 

Home Assessments

Our advisors conduct assessments to determine the modifications and design changes that will optimize accessibility and visitability, and  provide safety and help achieve maximum self-sufficiency. Whether a medical/legal opinion reports on behalf of clients or design assessment for your interior designer, bphealth’s staff has the experience and training to help modify your home based on your needs.

Accessibility Audits

bphealth Accessibility is a certified  Building Accessibility Excellence Assessor and is duly qualified to provide facility building audits in commercial settings. In this function, bphealth can hep plan for facility improvements optimizing accessibility and visitability of your property and business.

Project Management

We offer a team approach to accessibility projects, serving as a liaison between the homeowner, building contractors and those providing financial assistance. Communicating with all on-site professionals we will insure that all work is scheduled on time and done to the highest quality. From start to end we will conduct periodic follow-ups to verify completeness of project milestones.